Quality Control

In marketing of Aqua, Cattle and Poultry feed, quality control is extremely important if the feed fails to generate desire growth/result of Fish, cattle and Poultry, the marketing of feed will be hampered. keeping this point in view, necessary laboratory equipment has provided to test important parameters like, crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber, Ash, moisture, acid value, Iodine Value, TVN, NPN, Unease activity etc of both materials and finished goods. Qualified and experienced personnel have appointed to ensure effective quality control. 

Feed quality-control programs must blend these “tools” to deliver feeds that consistently contain the formulated nutrients in an available form and contain minimal levels of toxic substances. The American Feed Industry Assn. (AFIA) has defined feed quality-control programs as: “All actions directed towards ensuring the product meets the specifications established by the manufacturer”. Andrews (1991b) has described feed quality-control programs as: “A system for making sure that proper standards are maintained through use of periodic inspections.”