Manufacturing Unit

Our Production unit is located in Dasyu Narayanpur, Kapasia, Gazipur, is the heart of the company. Delivering around 150 thousand M. tons feed per year. Our core product is Floating Fish feed and  we are also producing  Poultry, Cattle and Shrimp Feed using the latest technology and ensuring excellent quality.

The Feed Mill encompassing 15 acres of land and was commissioned in 2005 importing high tech machineries from the previous Muyang Group, China.

Recently we have 9 production line having 52MT/HR production capacity. This year we are also adding another 4 production line with an twin screw Extruder.

The Feed Mill has its own power source and separate water treatment plants to ensure pure water for feed production and drinking. We are environment friendly and ensure the no byproduct is released to the environment without proper treatment. Having a nice view of the countryside, the Feed Mill is just 2 kilometers away from the highway which makes the location perfect for both raw material receiving as well as dispatch.